Data Feeds

These pages are a collection of all the data-feeds we have moving between systems that can also be useful to review in person too – and just for general awareness of what is already systemised and handled by our automation robots.

Partners may also find some of these data-feeds useful where they have different systems that have similar data needs – and it makes sense to re-use what already exists in the interests of efficiency through de-duplication of effort.

Generally anything you may require for reporting and analysis should be available in the Analytics pages but sometimes it can be useful to see the latest data moving between systems to re-use that data in other ways for processing, sharing and review when diagnosing any issues or extending capabilities.

If there’s something specific you need, or think can be automated based on what you already see here in a similar way, please do log a ticket in the appropriate GitLab project, or contact your account manager for access if you need. We can either adapt existing data-feed automations, or create a new ones to solve needs permanently – using the computers to do the repetitive stuff they do best and free us all for the valuable relationships we build based on these capabilities.